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I am a contemporary mixed media artist based in Kent.  I find inspiration in the natural world, a sense of place, feelings, emotions and the human condition.

I have spent much of my life living in the countryside or by the sea and much of my work is rooted in the effect that those places have had on me as well as the memories that come from my time spent living there.

For me,  painting is a form of meditation and healing.  I like to explore the capacity to contemplate, reflect and feel before I think and analyse.



I work in a variety of media, with the emphasis being on acrylic painting, although I also use oils and watercolour.  I often incorporate elements of collage, inks, glazes and texture into my work, producing intuitive, abstract and semi-abstract pieces.  My works usually begin with a period of exploration of colour and texture, after which I begin to respond and analyse more carefully, without losing any of the energy and freedom with which I began.  My work is a mix of play and intuitive spontaneity, matched with careful, measured attention to detail.  My paintings are built up in layers, and I am often working on a series of work at any one time.


Each piece of work may be inspired by nature, an emotion, music or a particular place.  Colour plays a fundamental role in my work.  I also love to use line and texture to create my paintings.  As the painting begins to take shape, an important part of my process involves analysing and editing the work by glazing, painting over, or sanding back to illuminate some of the hidden layers underneath.



I have a lifelong love of art - it is a vital part of my life.  My work gives me space in which I can respond to the  outer world, to reflect, and to express feelings and emotions.  It gives me the opportunity to explore dreams and the imagination, as well as my interaction with the natural world and landscape.

Gazing Out to Sea
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